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"I remember that there was this one scene in the first year where the director came up to me and said, ‘Stana, I need something from you because I have an act-out here.’ I didn’t understand what an act-out meant. I thought that an act-out meant like a dance-off or something. I was like, ‘What? You need a barrage of thirty five reactions?’ This is what I’m thinking in my head and then the director walks off and I’m like, ‘Okay,’ and this the first time I’ve worked with him and of course I’m new to being on a set for that amount of time and am feeling a little bit green. I turned to Nathan and I said, ‘Nathan, what is an act-out? Does it mean to do forty different faces?’ He started howling. He said, ‘No. It’s like a suspended moment at the end of the scene so that they can go into commercials and come back,’ and then he gave me this really great thing that I guess soap opera people have. He goes, ‘There are three thoughts that soap actors have when they have to do an act out.’ It’s, ‘Oh my God, I think I left the stove on when I left the house today,’ you give that look. Then you’re thinking, ‘Did I leave the stove off when I left today?’ Then the third thought, ‘Oh, no. I turned it off when I left the house today.’ So those three thoughts can carry you through an act-out apparently.

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Filming for episode 3 of series 8 spotted

Episode 3, written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Paul Murphy, filmed today with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Tom Riley on set.  Riley will be playing none other than Robin Hood for the story, which is rumored to be titled Robots of Sherwood.

After the scene finished filming, the cast and crew sang Happy Birthday to Capaldi. He didn’t seem to mind working on his big day though, as he was quoted saying: “It’s not work, I’m the Doctor.”

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