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katie, caity, and emily high fiving each other
(also david resting his chin on pauls shoulder)

is it just me or Willa seems to be more sensational than usual?!!?

If so, I have to admit that the dark side of the Force has just became a little more attractive….May I join in?


Willa was sensational all weekend, what what a beautiful girl.

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My character, Ray Palmer, interacts with Felicity mostly in the episodes I’ve shot so far and it’s just a lot of fun. I have a great time working with Emily. I think it’s going to add a whole new element to the show that I think fans will like, whether they dislike Ray getting into the middle of the Oliver/Felicity relationship or not.
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About the poster…


Well it’s about damn time right? Jeez. Thought I was going to be in retirement before they released the S3 poster. Now let’s have chat about it.

Yes. I saw. Diggle is behind Laurel. Same position as Roy.  Don’t lose your shit people. Everybody breathe. 

Why? Let’s remember the S2 poster…


Diglge & Felicity are immediately behind Oliver - the Original Team Arrow. Thea & Roy are off in the distance. How did Thea’s story line end? Distanced from Oliver. Roy’s position represented his S2 storyline as well. A lot of it revolved around Thea…and his struggle with joining Team Arrow. There was a lot of moving parts in Team Arrow S2. Roy & Sara both joined but also both left. Who remained? Diggle & Felicity and the writers made the point to say THEY are the core team. The poster represented that because S2 was all about the solidification of Original Team Arrow…Oliver, Felicity & Diggle. The entire season revolved around the three of them

Do you SEE where Laurel was on the S2 poster? You could barely see her. SLADE came before Laurel and he was the bad guy. It was actually hilarious. 

It was also a very accurate portrayal her S2 storyline. Laurel barely interacted with Oliver and when she did it wasn’t good. Laurel is distanced from Oliver on the S2 poster because that represented their relationship for S2.

Things have changed in S3.  Now it’s ONLY Team Arrow on the poster. No Thea. No Slade…no Sara (interesting).  Roy is brought to the forefront and Laurel is shifted in front of Diggle, right behind Oliver. The team is also balanced. Two on each side, slightly staggered…much more equal footing than S2’s poster.


It’s indicative of what we know about S3.  As much as some of us hate Laurel, and I know some of you do, S3 is Laurel’s year. She’s becoming Black Canary. It doesn’t mean Oliver will start screwing her again, but she is becoming her superhero character, whether we like it or not.  Is she a full fledged member yet? No. She’s gotta earn it and she will. But the poster is a spoiler. It’s showing us where the characters are headed. And Laurel’s headed to a crime fighting partnership with Oliver. That’s who Black Canary is. That’s her role. Personally, I’m excited about Laure’s arc and I don’t mind her position.

Also, it’s Season 3. They have to shift the chess board. It can’t always be about Oliver, Felicity & Diggle. For one, that’s repetitive and two there are other supporting characters that need their chance to shine. Like Roy, like Laurel and like Thea. A strong supporting cast means only good things for a show.

I think they shifted Diggle because it represents Diggle’s arc this season. Diggle will always be apart of Team Arrow, but Oliver doesn’t want him in the field. Diggle is going to be struggling with how to serve the mission. That could be ARGUS, that could be Suicide Squad, that could be Team Arrow, could be all three. Just because Diggle is shifted doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a great storyline coming up. I actually think it means he does.

As for Oliver…he’s The Arrow. Hood up. Mask on. S2 poster Oliver was unmasked. It’s also a darker image of Oliver..he’s angrier, focused, shrouded in darkness. THIS. IS. INTERESTING. Very interesting. The poster points to Oliver’s struggle to maintain his identity and to become a symbol- The Green Arrow. Will Oliver Queen be consumed by The Arrow? Can he both. Will Oliver be darker this year or is he the hero?

But where is Felicity? Right. Next. To. Oliver.  From Oliver’s perspective, from the way he’s facing - Felicity is on his right. She is his right. hand. Given what we know about the season, and the difficulties Olicity will face…that is FUCKING great news and FUCKING great positioning for our girl. Rejoice Olicity fandom. REJOICE.

It’s gonna be a great season!

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